Organizations do not change. People change.

 “Without changing our patterns of thought we will not

be able to solve the problems we created with our current patterns of thought.”      - Albert Einstein

  1. Shape a Vision - Achieving change starts with an accountable culture. Martius Group guides key leaders to account for and align what they want, say and do to drive desired change outcomes.
  2. Start a Movement - Great things happen when enough people care enough. Martius Group helps leaders generate a groundswell of support for strategic plans that move the mission.
  3. Set Mission in Motion - Success is 25% planning and 75% action. Martius Group arms leaders with tools that leverage strategy and people to produce progress.
  4. Show the Way - People follow and mimic the values their leaders model. We help leaders understand the ways they influence workers, customers, and channel partners and encourage internal dynamics that build trust, collaboration and commitment for business success.
  5. Sidestep Roadblocks - Without experience everyone struggles with new or unexpected challenge. Martius Group shares executive expertise handling tough transitions to give leaders confidence and capacity to anticipate and deal with any situation.
  6. Share Success - People do better and stay longer when they are included, recognized and rewarded. Martius Group draws from its research and work with teams to deliver innovative solutions that engage, inspire and move people to perform together.
  7. Sustain Momentum - Keeping communities of excellence on track takes consistent, capable leadership. Martius Group coaches leaders who are new to their role or need to improve how they communicate with and influence employees, customers, and other strategic stakeholders.     

Guide Your Business to Great.

Martius Group helps leaders increase their organization’s capacity to adapt, act and achieve financial, customer and performance goals guided by our 7-Step Martius Model™ for leading change. 

• "Triage" P&L Performance Assessment
• Culture and Capacity Evaluation

• Strategic Direction and Planning Facilitation

• Governing Board and Executive Team Support
• Workforce and Customer Engagement Solutions

• Motivational Group Presentations

• Change Management Consulting

• Leadership and Communication Coaching
• Transitional and Interim Leadership

While strategy drives success, people drive strategy. Even the smartest strategies fail when people are not engaged to perform on purpose. How you lead and leverage talent, especially in times of change, is a strategic imperative.

Martius Group™ provides transformative management advice, confidential executive leadership coaching, and strategic relationship engagement solutions to companies and nonprofits struggling with change, so they can turn any transition challenge into a performance results driver.

Martius means a fresh start, and Martius Group gives governing boards, business owners and executive leaders fresh eyes to see their world so they can change the world they see. Organizations spotlight and overcome constraints, new leaders improve presence and power, and current leaders get help to handle new challenges.  

 We are business and leadership transition experts with actual board and senior executive experience leading startup, expansion, reorganization, transfer, turnaround and other change situations. We are also learning professionals who combine relevant insider insight and outsider objectivity to effectively coach, mentor and support your strategic, financial and cultural goals.

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Stop Chasing Problems,

Start Leading Performance.

 Turn Business Transitions Into Result Drivers