Change Consulting and Executive Coaching

Nearly 7 in 10 workers report not feeling involved and committed with their work and workplace. We help engage and connect people on 5 relationship desires most workers want most so they become committed to the change you need:

  1. “Teach Me” – We coach leaders to develop best practices and boost performance.
  2. “Include Me” – We facilitate team trust, collaboration and participation to advance strategic issues.
  3. “Mentor Me” – We advise and support leaders at all levels to build confidence and capacity.
  4. “Recognize Me” – We design recognition programs that reinforce positive progress and contribution.
  5. “Reward Me” – We create incentive experiences that celebrate success while reinforcing teamwork.

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Create Connections That Work.

Energize Purpose
Martius Group moves your organization forward by confronting conventional thinking, converging common cause, and focusing everyone on doing what matters most.

Performance Assessment

If a transition crisis threatens your organization, Martius Group will quickly conduct a triage review of your strategic, financial and cultural situation to sort out the significant, surface quick wins, uncover critical constraints and prepare you to regain positive results.

Governance Board and Executive Team Advice

When beliefs are blocking a successful transition, Martius Group will help leaders understand the critical competencies and behaviors needed for success, what they must address, and focus on vital strategy, talent and resource decisions that drive results.

Strategic Planning Facilitation 

To overcome outdated or incomplete plans and budgets, Martius Group will guide leaders through an inclusive planning and forecasting process that examines needs, exposes gaps, challenges group think, and produces an accountable, actionable roadmap in sync with your vision, values and goals.

Engage People
Martius Group gets people out of bored rooms and into meaningful, memorable experiences that inform, include and inspire them to achieve great things working together.

Board and Leadership Team Development  

When leaders need guidance getting on board in new or unfamiliar roles, Martius Group provides peer-level board and executive team training and individual confidential coaching on leadership and communication to build presence, confidence and capacity to contribute.

Workforce and Customer Engagement

To influence performance, Martius Group will design and deliver performance-focused team building, recognition and reward programs that engage, inspire and move employees, channel partners, customers and other strategic stakeholder groups.

Motivational Speaking Engagements

When you need a purposeful presentation that reinforces goals with your group or event audience, Martius Group will provide a compelling, credible program everyone will value.    

Empower Performance
Martius Group unleashes people power so your organization can overcome roadblocks, bypass resistance, and propel performance to achieve success.   

Change Management and Transition Planning

To help leaders anticipate and face unfamiliar and tough transitions like launches, expansions, restructurings, turnarounds and transfers, Martius Group provides business bench strength support.    

Executive Leadership and Communication Coaching

If an executive is struggling to effectively represent business interests with employees, channel partners, customers and other strategic stakeholders, Martius Group will provide confidential one-on-one coaching and mentoring to improve performance and meet expectations.

Transition and Succession Interim Leadership Support
When an abrupt or unexpected leadership change occurs, Martius Group will help you use the opportunity to step back, evaluate and strategically select your best next leader. 

Business Leadership

Take the lead and transform your future.