Change Consulting and Executive Coaching

Stop Chasing problems.

Start driving performance.

Martius Group™ helps business leaders face and conquer change.

 “Without changing our patterns of thought we will not

be able to solve the problems we created with our current patterns of thought.”      - Albert Einstein

  1. Shape a Vision. We help leaders promote a clear, compelling cause people care to be part of.
  2. Start a Movement. We develop a dynamic strategic direction that moves your mission. 
  3. Set Mission in Motion. We advise to prioritize and develop the right resources and talent.
  4. Show the Way. We work to create a performance culture committed to success.
  5. Sidestep Roadblocks. We raise organizational capacity to adapt and act any time.
  6. Share Success. We help engage, recognize and reward performance that drives positive results.
  7. Sustain Momentum. We coach and support effective leaders to keep you moving on track.     

How Martius Group Gets Your Business to Be Great.

Amazing things happen when enough people care enough. As architect of the Martius Model for Leading Change™ we transform organizational attitudes and aptitudes so you reach new altitudes.

Organizations change when people change, and people change at the speed of leadership.

If your business is struggling with disruptive change, distracted culture and a demanding workforce, we can help.

Martius means a fresh start. Martius Group means fresh solutions so business leaders can start changing their world. We provide strategic change management and performance development services for succession, turnaround, exit and other tough transitions.

As business and nonprofit insider executives with objective outsider expertise, we quickly and effectively assess, train, coach and guide boards and executive teams to resolve conflict, restore trust, gain commitment, and build capacity to adapt and act on their terms.

Many leaders focus on problem-solving strategies and forget it takes people to drive strategy. Even the smartest strategies will fail if people are not prepared to perform. Stop chasing problems, and start driving performance.

Martius Group specializes in:

  • Change Management Assessment, Planning and Implementation
  • Strategic Planning and Executive Retreat Facilitation
  • Governance Board Training and Development
  • Executive Leadership and Communication Coaching
  • Expert Keynote and Panel Presentations
  • Transition and Succession Leadership Support

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